The largest collector Home fair in Central
and Eastern Europe

September 6 to 7, 2024, Fairground PVA EXPO PRAHA

Opening hours: Fri 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. | Sat 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
For specialist buyers already on Thursday 5th from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and on Friday 6th from 9 a.m.

Auxiliary programme

Sberatel / Collector  is not only the largest sales fair for collectibles in Central and Eastern Europe, but also offers an original accompanying programme every year. Visiting it is thus an interesting trip not only for collectors, but also for people who have a collector in the family and are looking for a suitable gift for him or her, or for families with children.

FRIDAY 8. 9.


“Days of My Own Stamps” at the Sberatel Fair will be presented by Břetislav Janík, Chairman of the Professional Society of Collectors of My Own Stamps.


The stamps with the with additional prints of the Czech Post will celebrate their 20th birthday by presenting a new printed sheet “Discobolos – 20 years with you”. 


The new postcard of the Czech Post and the Sberatel’s Fair from the “Legends” series will be personally presented by Ondřej Moravec, the silver medallist at the 2014 Sochi Games and the most successful Czech biathlete in history, who will also be happy to sign it afterwards.


Czech Lion coin with Hologram – premiere at the Sberatel Fair. Medallist Asamat Baltaev will sign autographs at the Czech Mint stand. He will sign a collector’s card or a unique variant of the Czech Lion with Hologram investment coin that will challenge your perception of reality. The mintmasters dare to say that you will not believe your own eyes.

The coin with the hologram will be available for purchase directly at the Czech Mint’s stand, exclusively. Be among the first owners of a numismatic rarity! It will be available for sale on the Czech Mint’s e-shop and in its shops after the end of the fair…


Autographing of the authors of the collector banknotes, exhibition and entry into the Book of Records at the stand of the Museum of Securities (MCP). The Museum is celebrating 15 years and on this occasion is preparing an exhibition of the collector banknotes it has issued so far this year at the Sberatel Fair. There are 87,300 of them in total, and the MCP will be entered into the Czech Book of Records for this achievement at the fair.

This will be followed by an autograph session of the artists who participated in the creation of the banknotes. Among others, one of the most sought-after authors of fantasy banknotes of today, Matej Gábriš, will be present.


The commemorative postcard “Gastronomy on Stamps”, which is published to accompany the Praga Piccola exhibition that traditionally accompanies the Sberatel fair, will be christened by chef, gourmet and collector Roman Vaněk.

The founder of the Prague Culinary Institute, author of popular cookbooks and the programme Peklo na talíři (Hell on a Plate) is the owner of the largest domestic collection of menus, historical cookbooks and many rarities related to gastronomy. In the Praga Piccola exhibition of unique collectibles, it will be possible to see from his collections, among other things, a selection of rare restaurant menus or a set of historical miniature cookbooks (according to which they were really cooked), including one written and published by Roman Vaněk himself.

The “Gastronomy on Stamps” postcard with a selection of Czech “gastrostamps” is accompanied by a quote by Roman Vanek and a graphic motif from a historical menu by Alfons Mucha.

This will be followed by an autograph session by Roman Vanek.


Another personality who made a significant contribution to the development of Czech philately will be inducted into the “Hall of Fame of the Czech Postage Stamp”, which is organised under the auspices of the Society for Art and Collecting. The event is co-organised by the Sberatel fair, the Czech Post, the Postal Museum, the magazine Philately and the Hradištko printing house.


Presentation of a new stamp sheet from the Nature Protection series, this time dedicated to the „Podyjí countryside National Park“, with the participation of its authors, Jaromír and Libuše Knotek and engraver Martin Srb.

At the same time, a new collector’s note from the “World of Wildlife“ issue will be christened, this time focusing on Europe, specifically the lynx and the wild cat. (It will be on sale at the stand No. 302).

15 :45 – 17:30

A “mega-autogramme”, which could be entered into the Book of Records as the largest gathering of Czech stamp authors in one place. So far, the Czech Post has confirmed the participation of almost twenty artists. Jiří Slíva, Pavel Sivko, Václav Fajt, Eva Hašková, Jindřich Ulrich, Karel Zeman, Kamil Knotek, Jan Maget, Bohumil Šneider, Anna Khunová, Petr Štěpán, Pavel Piekar, Michal Novák, Ivana Lomová, Lenka Vojtová, Pavel Hrach and Adolf Absolon are expected to arrive at the exhibition centre.

The autograph session will take place in a separate Hall 5, which is directly adjacent to the trade fair hall where the Sberatel fair is held.

The Flora Fauna Stamp Society together with the Czech Post will offer a commemorative postmark dedicated to pigeon mail. At the Flora Fauna stand it will be possible to buy postcards dedicated to pigeon breeding and edible mushrooms in the kitchen. The author of the postcard, artist Miloslav Muškát, will be personally present at the company’s stand throughout Friday afternoon. Flora Fauna will also be offering a stamp from the Neopost/Quadient franking machine with a Sberatel Fair motif and a carrier pigeon motif. And there may even be a live pigeon…


The second expanded edition of the Atlas of Our Rocks, this time with the subtitle “Bohemia – Moravia – Slovakia”, will be presented at the Sberatel fair by its author Richard Jan Hons. You can buy the book at the stand of Klientské tituly No. 711, which can be found in the Minerals and Precious Stones section of Hall 2D.


The famous Citroën 2CV is celebrating 75 years and the Sberatel Fair has prepared a stamp sheet with a coupon with the motif of the legendary “duck” to mark the occasion. (It will be on sale at the stand No. 302.) It was designed by the artist Roman Sedlak, who prepared the same motif for the popular 0 euro souvenir collector’s note. (It will be on sale in the foyer.)

On Saturday, the car racer Bára Holická and her co-driver Lucie Engova, sister of our only F1 driver Tomáš Enge, will come to the fair to christen it. Both ladies are planning to take the Citroën 2CV to the upcoming Dakar Rally in the Classic category. Their upcoming „Citroën DUCKAR 2CV“ race special will be on display and the author of the coupon and banknote motif will be present at the autograph session.


Autographing of the artist Marina Richterová connected with the presentation of the new “Shakespearean stamp sheet” she created for the Czech Post.

On the second day of the fair, a cachet for the traditional UN Day will also be available to collectors at the Czech Post. This is the 26th time the United Nations Postal Service has participated in the Sberatel Fair and this year it has prepared a beautiful postcard for visitors at its stand.


The “James Bond on Postage Stamps” exhibition will certainly be a big attraction at the fair. A unique collection of motifs from the films featuring the famous Agent 007 on postage stamps from all over the world will be publicly exhibited for the first time ever.

The original inspiration for the author of the exhibition, the respected philatelist Milan Černík, was the British Royal Mail, which issued a series of stamps with all the James Bond characters, plus a sheet issue with stills from the individual films. Among other things, it includes his favourite scene of Pierce Brosnan in the film GoldenEye rampaging with a T-80BV tank in the streets of St. Petersburg. (You can buy British stamps with James Bond at the fair at the stand No. 302). Subsequently, he managed to document all 25 Bond stamps that are considered official (plus one so-called unofficial one that was produced outside Eon Productions), mostly thanks to the postal agencies of the former French colonies.

You can also meet the author of the exhibition “James Bond on postage stamps”, Milan Černík, in person at the Sberatel fair at the stand of his company P.A.C. Auction No. 402.

You can read more about the upcoming exhibition here.

The exhibition will be located at the podium near the Czech Post stand.

You can collect almost anything. Jindřich Jirásek sen. proves it, who has surprised visitors twice at the Sberatel fair with unusual collections. A year before the covid he showed part of his collection of kilos of yoghurt buckets and last year a whole collection of Christmas mugs for mulled wine. In both cases, there are nearly four hundred different specimens.

This year he wants to show off his collection of solar figures, which otherwise entertain children all year round in the window of the Shoe Nails Museum in Stary Rožmital village, which he looks after.

The swaying figures, which depend on sunshine or other strong light, are made mainly in China and so are logically available in many countries, including ours, especially in decorative shops, but also in places where one would least expect it. For example, at a petrol station on the motorway in Germany.

                The figurines cover a wide range of themes, from flowers and animals to film heroes and famous personalities. So the collection includes Pope John Paul II, Elvis Presley, Mr. Bean, Queen Elizabeth II and Bart Simpson. More than 160 pimplers create a regular clatter that makes you feel like you are in a watchmaker’s shop from a bygone era.

The exhibition will be located at the podium near the Czech Post stand.

The world’s longest stamp will be on sale at the Sberatel Fair! At the Kyrgyz Post stand, visitors will be able to buy a stamp which, with its 184 mm width, is officially the longest postage stamp in the world. It represents the Chaar-Tash Mountains, the Toguz-Toro Tract and the village of Kazarman.

The Vatican Mint and Postal Administration will present a new coin issue called “The Jubilee Cross” at the Sberatel Fair. The series includes six two-colour coins worth €10 struck in silver and copper in proof quality. Until 2025, two coins will be issued each year with a different thematic focus. Visitors to the Sberatel fair will have the opportunity to order the first coin and thus secure the entire issue. With the first pair of coins, each collector will receive a special case, which will ultimately form the “Jubilee Cross – a symbolic sign of pilgrimage and hope”.

At the stand “Robbie – UNC Banknotes” No. 618 it will be possible to buy, among other things, original banknotes of Great Britain from 1962-1984 with Queen Elizabeth II in UNC collector condition at very favourable prices. If you are missing any in your collection, please feel free to stop by.

Swiss Swatch watches have always been characterised by their unconventional approach and unusual playfulness. Alongside the classic collections, the company has always presented special limited editions whose design origin came from various collaborations. After last year’s huge hit, which was born out of a merger with the Omega brand and which is still ongoing, the company decided to present something that no one really expected. The What If collection.

One moment in the company’s history could have changed everything. In 1982, its founders came together to solve a fundamental dilemma. Should the revolutionary, affordable but Swiss-made watch be round or square? The choice fell on round cases – but what would happen if the choice fell on a square profile? The new Bioceramic What If? The model thus plays out an alternative and entertaining reality.

You can find Swatch watches at the Sberatel Fair in the stand No. 126.

The Minerals Gemstones Fair will also be held in the same hall as the Sberatel / Collector Fair, and on Saturday, vinyl record collectors will gather in the adjacent hall for the Vinyl & Stereo Expo and Rock & Metal Market events.