SBĚRATEL | Auxiliary programme 2019


The largest collector Home fair in Central
and Eastern Europe

September 11 to 12, 2020, Fairground PVA EXPO PRAHA, opening hours: Friday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. | Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
For specialist dealers already on Thursday 10 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and on Friday 11 from 9 a.m.

Auxiliary programme 2019




Commemorative handstamp of the day

razítko Šmicer 6.9.









10:00 – First presentation of the new Czech “zero-value” Euro souvenir banknote with a motif of the Charles Bridge. Hall No. 6.







12:00 – Christening ceremony of a postal card dedicated to Czech national team member and one of the most successful Czech footballers ever, Vladimír Šmicer + autograph session.

dopinscie šmicer






13:00 – Autograph session of graphic designer Vladimir Melnic. A new post stamp named “Kyrgystan´s Red Book” will be presented personally by its author, Moldovan graphic designer Vladimir Melnic. Stand No. 413.

snow leopard red b 3 red b 2 red b 1







14:00 – The Czech Mint has launched a new collectors´ series named “The Solar System” this year. The introduction of the silver coins with space motifs will be attended by the most competent Czech there can be – cosmonaut Vladimír Remek. Do not miss the opportunity to get his autograph!








14:00 – Opening of the exhibition Paper Money of Czechoslovakia 1919-1992 and launch of a new edition of the catalog of banknotes of Czechoslovakia. Area in front of the Czech Post stand. 

14:30  – The show will host an autograph session of Gabriela Koukalová, a double silver medalist from the Winter Olympics.  Stage in front of Czech Post´s stand

15:00  A unique book on payment cards will also be presented for the first time at the Sberatel / Collector fair. It has 964 pages, weighs over 5 kg, and is 6 centimeters thick. The publisher of the book titled “Thirty Years of Payment Cards in the Czech Republic and Slovakia“, which commemorates the 30th anniversary since the issue of the first payment card in Czechoslovakia, is the Museum of Securities, trust fund. Stand 203

Reklama MCP.cdr








15:30 – Introduction of a new collector´s banknote from the “Golden Collection of Václav Zapadlík” series, with a motif of the Škoda 850 car, accompanied by an autograph session of its author, graphic designer Matej Gabriš. The much sought-for author of fantasy banknotes will also present a book summarizing his work in the last few years.  Stand 203

200 korun Zapadlik PRINT.cdr 200 korun Zapadlik PRINT.cdr 100 korun Zapadlik PRINT.cdr 100 korun Zapadlik PRINT.cdr





16:00 – Czech Post will present a new cinderella stamp sheet with four different stamps and coupons on “Protection of Nature: Zoological gardens IV” at the Sberatel/Collector fair. The event will be accompanied by an autograph session of its creators – graphic designers Libuše and Jaromír Knoteks and engraver Martin Srb.

ZOO Knotkovi









The Sberatel fair will launch the first of a new series of collector´s souvenir banknotes named “The world bank of wildlife”. The series is a tribute to the creative skills of graphic artists Libuše and Jaromír Knoteks, our prominent stamp designers and specialists in drawings of animals. The author of the banknote´s graphic concept is Matej Gábriš.

Bankovka Knotkovi.cdr Bankovka Knotkovi.cdr





Stage in front of Czech Post´s stand



Commemorative handstamp of the day

razítko Sběratel 7.9.








Presentation of a post stamp with a motif of the Lockheed Electra 10 A, the aircraft used by the shoemaking tycoon Jan Antonín Baťa in the 1930s, accompanied by an autograph session of its author, graphic designer Petr Ptáček. You can see the aircraft in action at the Letňany Airfield Air Show, which will take place close to the exhibition site on Saturday, September 7.  Moreover, anyone who throws any letter or postcard into a special postal box located at the Česká pošta stand at any time on Friday and until noon on Saturday will get a memorial cachet. The collected mail will, as a matter of fact, will undergo a ceremonial flight – if everything goes well, that is. You can also buy a collectible banknote with the same motive at the Prague Securities Museum booth (No. 203).


A commemorative collector´s banknote with a Lockheed Electra 10A airplane motif.

electra 1 dop electra 2 dop

poštovní schránka kašet elektra electra úvodní electra koláž


100 korun Electra.cdr 100 korun Electra.cdr








Petr Ptáček will also christen a trilogy of his colour lithographs showing scenes from fights of the Czechoslovak Legions in Russia.

_DSC2739 _DSC2734 _DSC2733






11:45The announcement of winners of the children´s graphic competition jointly organized by Česká pošta (Czech Post) and the Sberatel fair. Stage in front of Czech Post´s stand.










12:00 – Presentation of Česká pošta´s new additional-print stamp named “The winner over time”. Stage in front of Czech Post´s stand.

aršík čas






13.00 – Meeting of the Geophila club of collectors of stamp countries.   Room 3 in the lounge of the exhibition site.

THROUGHOUT THE DURATION OF THE FAIR – PRAGA PICCOLA exhibition of unique collector´s items

A special postal card will again be issued in cooperation of Czech Post and the Collector fair on the occasion of the PRAGA PICCOLA exhibition. The author of its motif is graphic artist David Vlček.

dopisnice Praga Piccola

Česká mincovna (Czech Mint) will display a model of the second largest gold coin which it created last year for the Czech National Bank. The bank ordered the coin as a symbol of celebrations of the hundred-year anniversary of the Czechoslovak Koruna. Nominal value of teh coin is CZK 100 million and which weighs 130 kilograms.

Collector Michal Pupcsik will show his unique collection of autographs of US and Soviet cosmonauts at the Sberatel fair.

Chewing gum wrappers from the whole world will be displayed by Petr Zilvar.

Plakat - samolepky









Collector Jindřich Jirásek from Starý Rožmitál will introduce a representative selection from his unique collection of one-kilo yoghurt pails at the Sberatel fair.

Sběratel sbírka jednokilové kbelíčky kýblíčky






The Museum´s stand will also display the first payment card made of real gold and issued in two limited series – Black & Gold. It was issued last year under the name Real Gold by Banka CREDITAS in cooperation with MasterCard. The exclusive card was produced in a limited number of copies and the bank was offering it to its VIP clients. It is the first such card not just in the Czech Republic, but also in Europe.







You can have your own motif, be it your face, logo, or photograph, printed on a post stamp coupon directly at the Sberatel fair. You will find the additional print service at the stand of Česká pošta.

 Only on Saturday

The Vinyl & Stereo Expo event, which will take place on Saturday, September 7, in the lounge of the PVA EXPO Exhibition Grounds, is intended for all collectors and fans of vinyl records. Exhibitors from the Czech Republic and other countries will offer hundreds of gramophone records of all genres from every corner of the world there. The admission to the Vinyl & Stereo Expo is free. More here.

vinyl logo metal market nové