The largest collector Home fair in Central
and Eastern Europe

September 6 to 7, 2024, Fairground PVA EXPO PRAHA

Opening hours: Fri 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. | Sat 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
For specialist buyers already on Thursday 5th from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and on Friday 6th from 9 a.m.

Prices of Advertising Banners


The website with practical information for visitors and exhibitors, a complete accompanying programme and an overview of collector’s novelties that will be available for purchase at the fair is the most visited about two months before the start of the event.

Prices for banner advertising on the trade fair website

size px price/ monthprice / 2 weeks
Full banner (1) 600×90 € 600 € 400
Half banner (2) 210×90 € 400 € 320
Vertical banner (3) 140×300 € 400 € 240
Square button (4) 151×151 € 280 € 160


The and portals bring unique content that is unrivalled on the Czech Internet. It is the only website that on a regular basis follows news from the world of collecting interesting not only for collectors, but for the general public.

The articles, which cover all areas of collecting, are written in a readable manner so that readers will enjoy returning to the site. The portal also focuses on investing in collecting, making it a valuable resource for visitors who want to save money in their collections.

It also clearly maps current collectors’ auctions, fairs, exchanges and places such as museums, restaurants or permanent exhibitions that might be of interest to collectors.

Prices of banner advertising on

size px price / monthprice/ 2 weeks
Full banner (1) 970 x 310 € 600 € 400
Square banner (2)300 x 250 € 320 € 200
Vertical right banner (3) 300 x 600 € 480 € 320
Vertical left banner (4) * 150 x 560 € 340 € 220
Round branding (5) € 1000 € 600
€ 320 / week
*the possibility of changing the height of the ad. Price on request.

Partner article

We will prepare an article in a readable form on the basis of the materials prepared by our partner and display it for two weeks on the homepage of the portal – € 400

Turnkey display of the supplied partner article for two weeks – € 200

Placing in the section COLLECTOR ACTIONS

Placing the date and location of a collecting event in the basic overview is free of charge. The price for inclusion of an event in one newsletter sent to members of the Clan is € 120.

Placing in the section COLLECTOR AUCTIONS

The inclusion of auction information in the basic overview is free of charge. The price for including an auction in one newsletter sent to Collectors’ Clan members is € 200


The Collectors’ Clan brings together collectors from all disciplines and currently has about 10,000 members.

They receive a weekly e-mail newsletter with a selection of the most interesting articles from the world of collecting, they can buy attractive collecting material in advance, and they can enter a number of collecting events at a bargain price. Membership is free of charge and is not time-limited.

(1) Main banner in the Collectors’ Clan newsletter

Advertising banner with a size of 790 x 250 px.

Price per mailing – € 400

Price for two or more mailings € 200 / newsletter.

(2) Separate partner offer in one newsletter

One mailing – € 800

Two or more mailings – € 400 / newsletter

Partner article as part of the Collectors’ Clan newsletter

(3) A thematic partner article that will link to the partner’s product and website. Price for one mailing – € 1000

(4) Inclusion of the upcoming PARTNER AUCTION in one newsletter sent to the members of the Collectors Clan – € 200

(5) Inclusion of a PARTNER ACTION in one newsletter sent to members of the Collectors’ Clan – € 120

We can also provide the translation of your text into Czech. Price depends on the lenght of the text.

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